Personal Trainer Nutrition Specialist

Favorite Exercises

Below are a few of my favorite exercises. Enjoy and contact me if you have the need for online fitness or online nutritional coaching. Together we can make your fitness goals a reality.

Arms up the Wall

  • Begin with entire back pressed to wall & arms at right angles at elbows.
  • Move arms up the wall as in a shoulder press motion, keeping backs of arms to wall.

fitness exercise arms on the wall

Externally rotated shoulder raises

  • Begin with arms straight by sides & thumbs pointed to ceiling.
  • Squeeze shoulder blades together and lift arms straight up to shoulder level.


fitness exercise shoulder raises

Dead bug with press

  • Begin lying on back with small of back pressed firmly into the floor & knees and hips at right angles-90 deg.
  • Extend the right leg straight forward, then press the right hand into the bent left knee, keeping back pressed firmly to floor.
  • Repeat on second side.

fitness exercise core


The Bridge

  • Start lying on your back with knees bent, feet under knees and feet hip width apart.  Shoulders down the back, with arms lying at sides.
  • Squeeze glutes, pull belly to spine, and lift hips to ceiling, forming a line from chest to knees.  Keep chest lifted as well.
  • Drop butt back to ground.

fitness exercise bridge


The Squat

  • Start standing with feet slightly wider than hips and hands to breastbone
  • Flex the knees and hips and sit your butt back while
  • Squatting down, keeping knees tracking over 3rd & 4th toe
  • Squeeze glutes, brace abdominals and stand back up

fitness exercise squat


Straight Leg Kick Up

  • Begin on all 4s, with hands stacked under shoulders, and knees stacked under hips
  • Straighten your right leg straight back behind you.
  • Keeping belly inward toward your spine, kick your right leg straight up, until level with hip (no higher)
  • Repeat on left side.

fitness exercise straight leg kick


Bent Knee Leg Kick Up

  • Begin on all 4s (hands and knees), with hands stacked under shoulders and knees stacked under hips
  • Keeping your belly inward toward your spine, bend your right knee
  • Kick the flat of the bottom of your foot to the ceiling, without arching your back
  • Repeat on left side.

fitness exercise bend knee kick