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Jan 10

Why I Love Fitness/Nutrition Coaching!

Many ask how I’ve ended up in the field of fitness training and nutrition coaching. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of being well and at optimal energy to enjoy life-whatever stage I was in. My mother often wondered if one day I would collapse with such ongoing energy. When she said, ” geez, you never stop!”, I always thought…well, that’s not fun…why would I?

So, as I got older, in my mid-twenties,and became pregnant with my first child, I became extra conscientious about what I was doing with my body. Fortunately, I grew up with awesome parents who encouraged an active, healthy lifestyle….so the activity part was always in motion. I danced and figure skated from about age 8 through college, and continued dancing and teaching dance into my copy


Dancing touches my soul! I hear music and my body wants to form an expression of either the lyric or the rhythm of the song. Pregnancy was the impetus to get serious about the nutrition I was putting in my body. After all, I wasn’t the only one getting it! My developing child was! And, I was determined to give him the best start to life! I began eliminating white sugar, and cooking more from scratch so that I knew what was in my food. This was the beginning. That was over 30 years ago now….and it’s been a journey to improving my nutrition ever since.

I tell you all this to say that my choices have come through with flying colors, and at 58 1/2 (hehehe…remember when we use to want to say that when we were 4!-give me that 1/2!), I enjoy awesome health. And, I am thankful…I really am. I know that it is a prescious commodity. I interact with people who don’t have it, and it’s a sad challenge for them. And, once you get into a rut of illness and disease, it becomes that much more difficult to really pull out of it. It takes determination of heart,mind, soul and body. Let me say that again, it takes determination of heart, mind, soul and body!

And, this my friend, is what I am so inspired to help people discover! The connection of heart, mind, soul and body! This is what I love about fitness training and nutrition coaching. How do we bring the heart and mind together to want optimal health? How do we then use it together with body and soul to move in ways that benefit our health? I love helping each individual explore what that means for them. And, I am excited when they are reaching their goals and not only do you see physical changes, but changes in overall outlook and a change in mental energy output! It’s awesome to see!

May I have the privilege of helping you achieve optimal health? or


Jan 06

About Diets…….

Whenever I hear the word, “diet”, I cringe!  Aghhhhh!  Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Twiggy era (anyone remember?)  She was that super stick thin skinny model we were all ‘suppose to’ emulate!  And, I NEVER was going to have that kind of shape- I got hips!  :)



Even our mothers, God love them, got a bit sucked in and helped us think that’s what we should aim for.  So, many of us were on ‘diets’.  We were ‘on’ them.  Then we were ‘off’ them.  Here’s what I now feel about diets…….

Realistically, the word, ‘diet’ really means the nutrition we choose from day to day.  But, unfortunately, and largely due to media, in my opinion, it has now become a word with several different connotations.  Bottom line, diet has become a word that means a restriction from foods.  Hmmmmm….don’t we want to eat food?  Why restrict what our bodies require for life?

That thought behooves the question, “What is food?”  I think many of us, and again the media hasn’t exactly helped us think this through straight, have this idea of food really confused.  I’d like to set the record straight.

Food is:

any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.

That’s the definition of food.

For example, an apple is food.  Buy it local.  Otherwise travel time,storage, etc causes it to lose much of it’s nutrition.  Buy it organic.  Yes, an apple is likely contaminated with pesticides, which, by the way are not food.  Pesticides do not adhere to the above definition.  I’m pretty sure you’ve come across some research stating that pesticides are being linked to cancer!  Therefore, if this is a truth, then they certainly don’t maintain life & growth!

Applesauce,  with a label like the following:

Applesauce Label

is not entirely food.  Look at the ingredients…apples-ok, water:ok, maltodextrin: hmmmm, what is that?  do you even know?  Its basically a sugar, probably derived from corn , and by the way,most corn is the US in genetically modified…should that be part of your ‘diet’?, juices-kind of ok, vitamin c -do you wonder why they added vitamin C to fruit that should have naturally occurring vitamin c…I’ll tell you why….when the apples are processed down, the naturally occurring vitamins are lost, so the company decides to add synthetic vitamin c…eh…that’s a so-so additive, natural flavors-how about that? do you know what they are? Here’s the definition:

The definition of natural flavor under the Code of Federal Regulations is: “the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or ..

Hah?  Whaaaat?

Consider checking out this article from Natural News:

All right.  I am rambling.  Do you get the picture here?  Getting back to the confusion and how we think about food.  We’ve got to CHANGE ( I know-many of you hate that word!) the MINDSET you may have about what food is!

Alia Crum’s “milkshake experiment,” which set out to determine whether the information on a food’s nutrition label could prompt physical changes in your body, showed that MINDSET plays an important role in whether or not we feel satisfied by what we eat.  Once we get our minds wrapped around what food really is, we will be satisfied with it and more importantly, nourished, and I’ll bet you anything the end result, which is still lingering back there in your minds, will be a healthy body with healthy weight.  You’ll look and feel great!

Change your mindset about diets.  Find what real food is, and practice eating it over and over.  You and your body will LOVE it!



Sep 26

No Exercise Equipment? No problem!

I was talking with someone today about his workout routine.  He travels a lot.  Some hotels don’t have good exercise facilities.  He is busy and passionate about his work, yet knows he needs to make time for his health.  He figured out a way to get it done with no exercise equipment.  Your body can be your own gym!  No problem!toddlersquatting

Talking with him reminded me of workouts I’ve given to some of my clients, and I thought I would share some bodyweight exercise routines.  Here you go:

Perform the next 4 exercises in a circuit 3-5x (beginners 3x, advanced 5x):

Standing Squats (Toddlers have the best squats ever!)

> Modifications- chair squats, 1/2 way down squats.


> Modifications-wall push ups, push ups on knees, push ups to back of a chair.

Lying back flys

>Modifications- standing bent over back flys, kneeling back flys

Dead Bugs


The routine will take you 15 minutes or less!  Have fun using only your body and no exercise equipment!

Contact with specific questions on how to perform exercises correctly!

Aug 22

Counting Calories-Bah Humbug!

If you are my client, you know that I cringe when I hear, ” thus and such has sooo many calories!”  Ugh…..stop the worrying over calories, would ya please?  Ok, well sometimes it’s a concern, but really, in my experience,the truth of the matter is that we are not thinking about what we are eating as much as we are thinking about how much we are eating.  countingcalories


I’ll bet you one million dollars (well, not really….I wish…hah!) that if you begin today counting nutrition versus calories you will see a different person next year in the mirror.

Today, I was coaching a client who mentioned something to me about a particular food( it may have been crackers, actually, yes it was melba toast), and she was sooo surprised at all the calories.  I cringed.  Feels like fingers running down a chalk board to me.  What’s the nutrition in a melba cracker?  That’s the real question.  Honestly, I don’t eat them, so I couldn’t tell you.  They may have some whole grain goodness, but what else is there?  Move your eyes down past the nutrition facts label and go to the ingredient list to see what you are actually eating.  Although, it does make some sense to check the sugar & salt, but then when you look at ingredients find out where they are coming from.  Is the sugar from refined white sugar -the death food- or from another source of sweetness?  Some are better than others.  Is the salt refined salt or sea salt?  Sea salt is definitely a better option, however there is a limit to daily salt intake.  That’s another story to talk about.  :)blackwomancountingcalories

When you focus on nutrition,;in other words ,when you focus on whole foods that provide needed vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function well, everything changes!  My client above also said, “well, I need something to help with cravings.”  Well, ya know what?   When you continually make the change to eat whole fresh foods, eventually, that IS what you crave!  The cravings for what I like to call, “edible food-like substances” go away.  You find yourself wanting the juiciest fruit you can find, or the crunchiest vegetable of a hunk of grass-fed steak!  OMG!  I think I am hungry now!

I said everything changes, right?  Yes.  Body fat decreases!  Energy improves!  Digestion improves!  Skin texture improves!  At the cellular level of human life, you are a more healthy being and things just plain work better!  The list goes on and on and on.

How do you go about making this happen?  You gotta know your personality.  Some do better, and in my experience, I believe it works better in the long run to make small changes, get really good at them, then move on to the next change.  You will get there.  Be decisive and determined about it.  For example, start eating a minimum of 5 fruits & veggies EVERY DAY.  Without fail, EVERY DAY!  (Keep in mind that is only the minimum required -you might get all vitamins and minerals with 5, but not likely. You really need 7-11 servings a day.  But start somewhere.)  Now if you have an all or nothing personality, and, key words here, this plan of attack has worked for you in other areas of your life in the long run (not just for a short period, then you are back where you were before), then go for the gusto!  Start eating 7-11 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.   Get 1/2 your weight in water ounces every day.  Eat smaller, frequent meals.  Always eat breakfast (within an hour of rising).  Do it all!  Then, keep doing it!  Day after day after day and watch not only your body change, but your overall appearance health and feelings of well-being!

I want to help you get there.  Accountability definitely helps when you are embarking on new changes.  Start focusing on nutrition, not calories.  I can help.  Contact me:

Aug 05

Health Management in your 50s & Beyond……

I do think that it seems like people really don’t look their age anymore….they either look way older or way younger! In the last couple weeks, I’ve had a number of people comment on how young I look! That feels pretty cool to a 58 year old grandmother of two and mother of 6! Have I received some good genetic luck? Perhaps that’s some of it. I remember at 80, my Dad still had black hair…not much, but it was black! And, my Mom always did a darn good job of keeping her girlish figure (as Dad would say…:)so much fun

Honestly though, it does take some focus. I am thankful to those who have complemented my youthful appearance. More importantly, I am thankful that I can play, jump & run with my grandchildren! I am grateful to have the motivation and energy to keep up with the active mind and body of a 3 year old! No joke! These little ones are full of life! I love it!

Ok, so what does it take? You may be surprised at my answers. I can tell you what I’ve done and am continuing to do. Perhaps, some will be a fit for you….take what makes sense, and come up with your own personal goals to meet your specific needs.

1) I care and I want it. I care about my own good health. I care about wanting to feel good and do things that I enjoy (namely, hang out with my grandchildren). I care about the example I set for my children.

2) I consider myself a responsible person. I am responsible for keeping myself in the best of health for the sake of my loved ones (did you note above that I have six children?). I am socially responsible so as not to use/abuse the healthcare system with expenses to cover the result of bad health choices. I responsibly choose foods that are ethically grown and will bring about a good ecosystem/environment for all.

3) I am committed. I’ve decided what good health looks like for me as I age. Yes-a certain weight range. Yes, a certain body fat. Yes- the ability to do the physical things I enjoy. All of these things take a commitment to exercise and healthy eating, reducing stress, learning healthy coping strategies and generally making good life choices.

What about you? Do you care enough? Are you responsible? Can you commit? I suspect you do care,and that you are responsible, but maybe it’s the commitment part that’s challenging. I can help. Contact me.

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