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Nutrition & Diet Tips

They keys to healthy living and proper nutrition start with a basic foundation. Being lean and fit begins with nutrition and then extends to cardiovascular and muscular fitness. Just getting started? These basic habits are the building blocks to your success in healthy living. Get started here and contact me, Cindy, for the inspiration, motivation and direction to achieve your goals.

Five Nutrition Habits to Acquire

1.  Always eat Breakfast

2.  Drink plenty of water (½ your weight in oz)

3.  Eat every 3-4 hours.

4.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables (7-11 servings per day)

5.  Match macronutrients.  ( Eat meals with a source of protein-lean chicken, fish, low fat beef, etc in combination with health carbohydrates-fruits, veggies, whole grains).