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Below are some testimonials from some of my satisfied clients. My goal is results and healthy living for you!

I wasn’t so sure about Skype training sessions at first but now I get so much out of them. The focus is on my training 100% of the session because I don’t have to worry about how I look, if my hair looks funny or even if I smell like sweat. From the comfort of my home none of that matters and I am able to focus fully and get back to my life and that much faster.


Cindy is an amazing trainer. I’ve lost weight, gained strength, and flexibility and at almost 47 years old am in quite possibly the best shape of my entire life. She is truly a ‘personal’ trainer-no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. She listens and works with you to achieve YOUR goals while giving you a sense of confidence in your abilities. She brings out a strength in me that I didn’t know existed. I have confidence that if she asks me to do something, I CAN do it. I know that my current level of health and fitness is something I could never have achieved on my own, especially in just 3 short months. She is very patient, non-judgemental and dedicated, even making herself available to answer my endless questions outside of my training days. I love her holistic approach to fitness which encourages not only physical, but mental and emotional well-being as well. She is also very knowledgeable about local resources for healthy living. I actually look forward to our training sessions and am excited about my new healthier future!

Cindy has been my husband’s and my trainer for many years, now.  We are now 65 and 61 years of age, respectively.  We had initially gone to Cindy to relieve specific complaints related to our careers, but we stayed on when we saw all that could be accomplished. Over the years, she has continually provided interesting and challenging workouts.  They are always varied and  planned around our various changing ailments and changing needs.  (It turned out we needed even more assistance when we retired due to our extensive traveling.)  It amazes us to see how much work she puts into planning each day’s workout, keeping in mind our demonstrated abilities and our complaints.  She also constantly checks with us to see if our functional needs are being met.  That means, she wants to know how much we need to be able to lift and carry, how long we need to bend, and stoop, how long and what type of walking and stair climbing we will be doing on our travels.  She wants to ensure we can comfortably and safely lift the bag of sunflower seeds or garden soil, to paint the garage, and to walk for prolonged periods on cobble-stone streets.  If  we wish to go kayaking or bicycling, she plans workouts around those physical requirements.  She is also a nutritionist, and she constantly reminds us to practice good nutrition, providing advice on how best to accomplish that, given our lifestyle.  While she encourages and urges us to reach beyond our comfort zones, she never disparages us or pushes us too hard.  We cannot praise Cindy too much.  She has completely changed our minds about aging.  She never allows us to give in to physical limitations based solely on aging.

I have been training with Cindy for over a year and simply cannot imagine life before her (or LBC); she is absolutely, hands down, the best there is. Cindy is motivational and inspiring and glowing with health. She practices what she preaches- nutrition is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. She teaches good eating habits and encourages her clients to embrace a balanced, minimal sugar/zero junk diet and will check in often to be certain you are on the right track. I have gained muscle and lost fat, thanks to Cindy’s always challenging, constantly changing FUN and DYNAMIC workouts. I am not a great self-starter and can count on her to coach me through the week. And then there is Optimal Performance Bodywork (manual stretching). I am choosy who I see for Bodywork, as I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner. Her touch is excellent and her knowledge of the human body and its dynamics are beyond par. As an added benefit, I no longer have post workout soreness thanks to the amazing bodywork she’s performed on me. I believe the expense of training with Cindy is the smartest investment I have ever made; she is worth every penny and then some! Thank you Cindy Bourgoin for all the hard work and love you put into your craft; you are appreciated by many!

Wow! Cindy B has helped me to attain goals I thougth I would never attain.  When I was young, I ran cross country and track, and was 160# soaking wet!  As I got older, I began to gain a lot of weight, eventually reaching 350#, on  26 medications, 5x/month doctor visits, and 4-6 hospital visits per year.  I had diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, on oxygen, and moving was hugely difficult!  My legs were swelling,; I had high blood pressure, my heart wasn’t working right, and every time I went to the Dr. I would receive a new diagnosis and more meds.  My wife was preparing for me to die and die soon.  Then, I decided to do something.

I went to a bariatric doctor in Feb, ‘11.  I realized I had all symptoms for sudden death.  Fast forward after losing enough weight to perform bariatric surgery, I went for it.  I was then told I needed to change my lifestyle, including the way I ate, and to begin an exercise program.  I worked out on my own for a while and began consulting with Cindy inquiring with her about how she makes lifestyle choices and what motivates her to keep on keeping on.  In May, ‘11, I began training with her.  Since then, I have lost 154# and am currently at 197#.  I exercise 6 days/week including weight training, swim aerobics, walking and yoga.  Cindy’ has knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition and how each plays a part in  making me a wholesome, healthy person.  I like Cindy because of her energy and compassion.  She has a way of motivating me that causes me to want what she suggests.  (And I can be quite the rebel!)  She brings a personal and professional approach to my sessions with her and all that she does.  I would recommend Cindy to anyone who is struggling with challenges of weight or health issues.  Why not start today?